Mother’s Day Meal

Today was my first time cooking a celebratory meal for Pete’s mom and mother-to-be me. So I tried to keep it special😀

Watermelon and mint drink for me to enjoy while others drink!

Roasted tomatoes, Corn, salad and Filet Mignon

Last but not least, strawberry Rhubarb pie! First time to make it and try it!!!

Our home is made from many…


We are slowly adapting ourselves to married life. Our house has little furniture but its happily coming along. The most amazing things about everything that has been happening to us, is that people have been SUPER MEGA generous. Pete and I have been speechless with everything we received! During a run, one day this thought hit me: My house is the house of everyone- seriously, my house is the fruit of everyone’s work and sacrifice, if it wasn’t because everyone that has been/was/appeared during our engagement/marriage, we would probably not own anything.

Saying that… I have to say that I got amazing gifts that I would have never occurred to me to buy ( I received a blender, which I absolutely love, waffle maker, pictures frames, iron, etc… all of which I needed and love with all my heart)…. but the ones that I had never thought of buying were 2 from an awesome aunt. First, I received a corn dog maker!!! I mean, I seriously got a corn dog maker! I cant wait to post that….oh boy… btw, the box says, and much more…. so… get ready for deliciousness to come! LOL

The second gift she gave me, I put to use quickly and this was a Krumkake iron, I must admit I’m in love with Krumkake making. I made my own recipe because I didn’t own half the things the recipe required, but they were good!

After understanding how it worked, I managed to make a cone for Pete. He enjoyed it with BlackRasberry IceCream, I wish I had had some mint, it would have looked beautiful on the picture.


Tell Paul to come and say hi

It was D’s birthday, and we went to BLT because he is a huge fan of hells kitchen (I think) and Paul was in the show so he came out and sat down with us for a little top long hehe… Pete and I had no idea what he was talking about the whole time we were sitting there…. Obviously there was drama in the show, D, J and Paul were discussing about it! Am I the only person that is a little sick of reality tv??




Keeping my promises

Oh dear, the wedding is coming. I can’t believe this time has passed by so fast even though my days are longer! I’m so stressed, excited, anxious, nervous, that I can’t sleep! Even though I had the biggest hole in my stomach today, I decided to keep my new years resolution: a fresh squeezed juice a day. So I went out and got an orange-apple-cucumber-lemon-celery-beets juice: Amazing.


La vie est doux comme crème brûlée

Last night Pete and I had the most wanted date ever, we went to one of our favorite restaurants and ended with my favorite dessert. We have been wanting to go on a date and enjoy being engaged for so long! The date was magnificent. I went to sleep happy, and woke up fast to get my coffee at my coffee shop…. to my surprise the amazing team at Argo Tea had my usual order ready to go… I knew the day was going to be great.

What friends are for

I surround myself with people that will teach me, influence me, and /or kick my butt, well… if they don’t do it, they will take me to a class, and they let the butt kicking job for another person.

One day, I was walking with this friend, and we saw this Bootcamp class. It looked intense and hardcore. I was afraid to try it so I made excuses. She, instead, went right to it and took a class the next day. Couple of days later, she told me I had to go with her. It was the best class she had ever taken. I trusted her and went. Well long story short, the class kicked my butt, not even while I was training for the triathlon/marathon I had been pushing myself that hard.
Thanks friend, I’m glad to have you around.

This is what we had for dinner, after class.

Back to reality

After the excessive amounts of foods eaten during Thanksgiving weekend… here we are trying to eat healthy again. Mash potatoes, Brussels Sprouts and Beef roll.

Lets face it, there is no way we can live eating like this past weekend (pictures to come). Maybe thats why I learned how to love Thanksgiving, it was a time were we could sit and relax, enjoy having the loved ones close and eat, eat, eat, eat. What a fantastic holiday! (I’m glad its once a year though…. If not I’d be rolling everywhere)

Have a great day! I’m off to an early run!!

Day After

I regret everything I said about Thanksgiving day… I LOVED this weekend. I got to relax, relax, relax, eat ridiculous amounts of food and be surrounded awesome people.

Tacos was the meal we had the day after thanksgiving…I made the meat like Fanny used to do it. Shredded meat slow cooked until its crispy.

Greek Salad

If I were to be born again, somewhere else… I think I’d love to live somewhere where I can find an olive tree. I have never seen one, but God, I’d love to have one,  just so I can have fresh spiced olives and olive bread ALL the time.

Lately, I have something for thymes (olives, I’ve always had), I add thyme to everything, and it takes amazing. Thyme, olive and bread?! seriously, what else can I ask for….

The point for my post is not talking about olives, thyme or bread. Its really to talk about the holidays, specially thanksgiving (just because its happening soon) but, DEAR LORD> I get in a mad mood around holidays, and I really have to make an effort to stay cool, am I the only one?! seriously? I cant believe I am -period.

The whole preparation, stressing out, stuffing everything in our bodies? is it really necessary? I love the idea of having to give thanks, but aren’t we supposed to do this all the time!? aren’t we the luckiest people in the world? If you are able to read this post then, should be grateful ALL the time. I have an amazing person by my side, that makes me happy everyday, honestly. I dont like the idea of stressing out for a day, I much rather just relax for the WHOLE day, and be around the people I love. Actually, to be completely honest here, this is the reason I love americans so much…. they are simplistic people (well, most of the time they seem to be… except during holiday… ) but think about it…order the whole meal online ; it comes with plastic dishes, forks, etc!!!! LOVE IT!!!! you need to eat, be around the people you love and do not care about cleaning, isn’t that amazing!??!??!?! I think that is was holidays should be about.😀 RELAXING!😀 I LOVE IT>

PS: I had to eat little…. If you know the man I have next to me…. you know there’s a lot of food coming! Happy Thanksgiving everyone.!!!! From today on…. GIVE THANKS EVERYDAY!

Engaged and Desperate

Since the moment I got engaged, Pete and I have been too busy. I’ve been desperate to find a minute for cooking and finally last week I got IT!!!!

After our Engagement Photo session, Pete and I decided to go home, eat and rest. I made lentils, potatoes, and veal meatballs filled with goat cheese.

Veal, Corn and Sprouts

This was one of Pete’s favorite dishes and was the most random. There was a veal steak in my fridge, a left over from my parents visits I’m sure, and I decided to try cooking it. I know veal goes well with rosemary because I had done it before here and here.

Anyways, this is mega simple to cook.

I had left over rice in the fridge (if you don’t have any make some – my favorite recipe below). I cut some rosemary, and added it to the rice and warmed it up in a saucepan. Added some olive oil and salt to spice it up. After I rolled the veal steak made thin (think carpaccio) and rolled the rice with some blue cheese in the meat like a burrito. Then cooked the veal in a pan with some olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper. When it was slightly roasted, I placed it in the oven for a couple of minutes.

While the meat was in the oven, I cooked the brussels sprouts in the same pan (to keep the taste -and clean less :)) you can see the recipe here. The corn, I like to eat is raw sometimes. Try it, its sweeter that way!

Enjoy… I hope you cook it.

Colorful Cupcakes





I used one of Betty Crocker recipes, and food coloring. To make this effect, add spoonfuls of colored mix, put them in the center. Add different color mixes until its enough.


Here’s a quick recipe for fun colorful cupcakes:

1 box Betty Crocker™ SuperMoist™ white cake mix
Water, vegetable oil and egg whites called for on cake mix box
Gel food colors or paste food colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple)
2 containers (1 lb each)  white frosting
Sprinkle some cinnamon on the top

Follow the recipe, from the box….  :)

Divide the mix into several mixing bowls and add food coloring – pour them one at a time until you get the color you decide and bake.


Before and After

My meals before and after training are like Cinderella: full of potential before and then beautifully fixed after.

Before my runs/bike/swim I have a serving of plain oatmeal. I add some maple syrup and cranberries (or apples) to make it tastier.

My parents told me that if I had a goal in mind, it would always be easier to reach it. Tonight my goal was: get home to a glass of wine.

And some Caprese Salad, Prosciutto, Olive bread and a Strong Cheese with dried grapes.

This is what we rode today: 1h total!



Created 06.15.11 by milegonzalez

Dear God, I love NYC.

Carrots à la Fanny

Fanny, used to make these extremely creamy, incredibly cheesy and marvelously savory carrots.

Sounds complicated, but thats what these are.

For these, I boiled the carrots until they were softer than normal. On a different pan, I cooked green onions, garlic, scallions and some chopped onions, after they were brown,  I added the carrots. Cooked them so the carrots absorb the flavor, and added cheeses: white american, cheddar, parmesan, brie. (Grab the ones you like, and the ones you know will go together well, trust your palette). Added salt and pepper to taste and a spoonful of heavy cream. You read my mind, this is what I call… a bomb. The good part is that it really takes no longer than 8 minutes to cook everything.


Later we had rice, asparagus and meat (with my favorite adobo: honey mustard, salt, pepper, olive oil, and dark rum. – let it sit for as long as you can, best if its over night, but if you can only do it 20 min, thats fine.)

ENJOY! this dinner is great after a hard workout!

Mattress Breaker

This weekend in Rhode Island I was blessed with eating oysters, TONS of oysters. Like I said in my post before, I love seafood, and I seriously can’t stop eating when is good and fresh.

And Oh! these were so fresh. I’m not a huge fan of horse radish, so when I eat oysters I usually have them with salt and lime. In case you’re wondering…yes I learned how to open them.

I was happy to have the pleasure of eating these, but I has ecstatic when I learned Pete nor Alci liked them. So it was more for me!:)

Oysters usually bring me memories- most of them with my family and the beach. Like my dad, my brother Fico and I love oysters. So when we used to go to the beach, we would ask one of the seafood merchants to sit next to us. We would eat so much that would become gross at one point. Then the next day, we would do the same – this kept happening for the time being there. We’d eat Siete Potencias (Seven Powers) , Rompe Colchon (Mattress Breaker), Vuelve a la Vida (come to life) etc etc – I’m sure you can figure out where the names come from if not, hint: Aphrodisiac. I miss Venezuela. Do you imagine a Elegant New York bar with those names on the menu?!

Pleasures I get

Let me tell you… you have no idea how much I enjoy fresh seafood, thank god I’ve always been surrounded by smart people that decide what they want to eat. It had been a long time since I had had good seafood (since I moved to NYC- please if you know a sushi place that has SUPER fresh fish, tell me)

Patty and Russ invited us to Rhode Island for Memorial Day, the weekend was great, but the food was unbelievable. Their friend Dean cooks amazing meals, so I stepped back and allowed him to delight me with his creations. We were all very pleased with Dean’s meal. We were eating what you’ll see below, and Patrick my 4 year old cousin says… Dean you’re the SHHHHHHef. We all cracked up thinking we was going to say something else…oh god- we had a good time!

Here is what he had: SURF AND TURF.

And Corn, (I love roasted corn, but if you can, try it raw. Its super sweet and Crisp)

And Chorizo, (cook the chorizo on top of the vegetables for a while, the juice/oils from the chorizo will come drop land on the vegetables)

And Mussels (salt, lime, wine and oil)

And Salad,(lime, salt and pepper – delicious!)

And another Salad (oregano, mozzarella, tomatoes, salt and pepper- it was so creamy it didnt need olive oil!)

No joke, this was all in a day. I was SOOOOO full after this lunch-dinner meal, thank god for the training.

First Dinner I cook for Dad

My parents came to visit, so we’ve been eating out too often. I asked Pete if we could cook and eat at home, my dad decided that he wanted to join and it was the first time I cooked for him. I got extremely nervous because not only was my dad eating and he has eaten my mom’s food forever, but also my aunt was joining for dinner, and she and my mom cook too well.

Anyhow, this is what I made:

First I had to start with something that I knew how to make:


Beef Carpaccio

And Gnocchi with Four Cheese Sauce

Here’s the recipes


Dice Onion and Tomatoes and add olive oil, salt and pepper to taste. If you like spicy things, try adding habanero peppers (we add them all the time)

Beef Carpaccio:

Buy some filet mignon and ask the butcher to hammer it until its super thin. (Pete was laughing and telling me to leave the butcher alone and do his job… I dint pay attention and you don’t pay attention either, stare at him until the slice of beef if see through.) Before placing the beef in the plate add some olive oil to the plate so the meat doesn’t stick.

slice some mushrooms and add capers to taste.

Add some greens for decoration.

The sauce: mayo, mustard, salt, pepper and a bit of lime juice.

If you like Parmesan cheese, add some thin slices to it too.

Gnocchi’ Sauce:

Grab the cheeses you like and mix them together. For this sauce I diced some onions and garlic until they were brown and added Gouda, Parmesan, Muster, Brie, White American Cheese and cream. Mix all together in a pan with super low fire. Stir until it melts.

DONE! A mega easy meal that looks fabulous!


Losing weight with taste!

I think Kale is the only vegetable I prefer cooked than raw. Kale chips are the easiest to cook and they taste amazing. Here is the simplest recipe I’ll ever post, and it’s still one of my favorites:

Buy Kale as much as you want, wash it and let it dry (remove as much as possible the moisture), Tear the leaves in pieces, sprinkle them with olive oil and salt and toss them in the oven for 8-10 minutes at 500. I love them and they’re healthy! they’re family of broccoli so they’re full in nutrition.

Another food I love are lentils, I think if they’re cooked right they can be a great plus they last long in the fridge so, as long as you warm them up, they can taste almost as if you had just made them.

You can’t go wrong with lentils… I swear!!!

So in this recipe, I diced some bacon and cooked it, meanwhile dice some onions, green onions, tomatoes, Habanero peppers, tomatoes and put them in the pan with the bacon (if you don’t like bacon, or can’t eat them… that’s fine….don’t use it. Cook everything until they get brown and through the lentils, let them cook for a little, when you don’t feel like standing there watching the lentils cook… add water. (I’d say 4 times the amount of lentils – so if you added 1 cup of lentils, then add 4 cups of water.) Cover the pot and let them cook at medium fire and keep trying them until the lentils have the texture you like. and DONE! A great healthy meal.

(The reason I don’t add amounts it’s because in this recipe, the more you add the more the lentils will taste. Think of the vegetables you like, and add them to the recipe, why not? )

I eat this before going swimming. I’m sure I’ll be sore tomorrow. 

Brain Freeze

Simple things make me happy. Kelvin slushes are a great example of pure happiness. They a mix of simple things, which in my mind make great creations.  What can go wrong when you mix natural fruits pulp, natural sugar, and ice?! add hot weather to the mix and you have perfection! To any simple creation, there has been a looooong process of thought behind it and they’ve mastered slushes.  I’m extremely passionate about these slushes… I don’t know why)

Aside from tasting great, cooling me down and leaving my mouth with a delicious after taste, this slushes gave me couple of brain freezes!😀 I didn’t know how much fun those felt like! When was the last time you like your nose, brain, mouth and teeth were in such pain?? I’m sure the last time I had it was probably when I was 10,  years had passed with me not having any, any BF?! my youth flew away… and Kelvin brought a little back…I was happy to have felt like a kid again….

My favorite is: Tea, Citrus and White Peach.😀

If you weren’t ask for advice, don’t give it!

Simple things make me happy. Kelvin slushes are a great example of pure happiness. They a mix of simple things, which in my mind make great creations.  What can go wrong when you mix natural fruits pulp, natural sugar, and ice?! add hot weather to the mix and you have perfection! To any simple creation, there has been a looooong process of thought behind it and they’ve mastered slushes.  I’m extremely passionate about these slushes… I don’t know why)

Aside from tasting great, cooling me down and leaving my mouth with a delicious after taste, this slushes gave me couple of brain freezes!😀 I didn’t know how much fun those felt like! When was the last time you like your nose, brain, mouth and teeth were in such pain?? I’m sure the last time I had it was probably when I was 10,  years had passed with me not having any, any BF?! my youth flew away… and Kelvin brought a little back…I was happy to have felt like a kid again….

And when everything is magical…..there’s always a person that ruins your day…. I was sharing my happiness of feeling the brain freeze and this guy tells me how to avoid brain freezes….. (maybe I should be quiet in the elevator)  -because it works!  I was so mad !!
I’d share it with you… but I don’t want to ruin your last pieces left of childhood…. now, go on…. check their website and try a slush…. My favorite is: Tea, Citrus and White Peach.😀

My Favorite Sandwich

My favorite sandwich in the world! You can take meat out of my life, but you can never take bread.  Please, never take bread of my life. Have you ever gone through food faces in your life? I go through them all the time. Usually with lactose products and meat. Chicken specially. I think I’m going through a face now… so for today, a veggie sandwich… green apples, dijon mustard, raisins and brie.:)

Philly CheeseSteaks

First we started our day to Pats Philly Steaks. We had to decide between Geno’s or Pat’s.  Both restaurants are huge and surrounded by students wearing Philly Jerseys. This is a little faster than fast food, seriously…. you order and in less than 30 seconds your sandwich is there. Seriously faster than McDonalds, you think food is any better?

Pete ordered a pepper philly cheesesteak and I ordered a mushroom one, with some hot peppers n the side. They were good! and surprisingly neither of the sandwiches made pete nor me feel sick minutes after. We drove back to the city and got ready to do to the Yankees Stadium to take Dani for his birthday.

It was colder than we expected so I got them matching sweaters…. hehe…

It was a day of healthy foods – yeah right.

Pesto chicken

After a run, everything tastes great. I didn’t know how this would turn out, I was hungry and in a hurry –  those 15 minutes I dedicated to the preparation were totally worth it. The meal turned out to be a huge success.

Broccoli and cauliflower and pesto chicken with onions. 

I wish I had taken a better picture…

Baking Time

This weekend I baked again! I forgot how much I missed it… I made this delicious chocolate pie. If you ever want to try it, I recommend this recipe. Its the easiest thing to do. I’ve been doing it since I was super young, probably 9. (recipe below)

I stopped baking when I was 15 or 16, just because I used to think that eating dessert would make me fat. Little did I know that my metabolism was the best it would ever be. Being young…..why didn’t I follow my mom’s advice!? ‘Eat a little of everything – and you’ll be thin forever’ I dont think I ever saw my mom dieting or stopping herself for eating anything. I mean she had 5 kids and at 47 she still has abs -there must be something she’s doing right… take a look at her in this family picture

I’ve started to apply that into my life, and it has been great for my body and my palette. I try everything there is on the table, even the desserts I used to think they were untouchable…

A little side note: my dad has always told my brothers that when he’s looking for a girl, to always look at her mom, because that’s how she’ll probably look like in a couple years….. well…. thats what I did with Pete… On one of our first dates, I introduced him to my mom, and threw him hints that I’ll probably look like that in the years to come😉

Here’s the recipe:

Dough: (this is the recipe for sugar cookies too)

1 cup of Butter

1 1/2 cup of sugar

2 eggs

2 teaspoons of vanilla

3 cups of flour

2 teaspoons of baking powder

1/2 teaspoon of salt.


1 can of condensed milk

1 spoon of butter

1 bag of chocolate chip

One year- Part II

Let me tell you the other side of what happened yesterday, Pete had organized for me to leave the house with my cousin Alci while he would prepare everything with Philippe. I left the house around noon and came back at 3. He organized the menu, picked up flowers, choose a bottle (or 2) of magnificent wine, bought me a gift, and asked my brothers to help him with the cleaning of the house, so everything was in order from when I came back.

Fortunately or not, Pete has a great temper, so my brother felt like he was more than invited. He was talking to Philippe about his french classes, how he likes his veal cooked, that he doesn’t enjoy vegetables, etc…. while Pete was pouring a glass of wine, I was looking at him thinking, oh god! why is my brother here!? I wanted to be with Pete… !

Of course I’m telling my friend Ana about my surprise and she tells me she’s eating with everyone in Shake Shack. And that she might stop by and say hi. I told her, that thanks! that would be fun, but she might ruin the moment…. well… her battery died. Yes, everyone came upstairs. I looked at Pete and he was smiling, I looked at Philippe and he went, Merd! I don’t have enough shrimps… when Philippe was ready to serve, my friends where comfortably sitting in the couch with beers in hands. This was our first year anniversary.

I kept drinking wine thinking… THANK GOD I have him by my side.

One year!

Finally I’ve been together with someone without drama for over a year! Wow!! I’m Surprised, exited, happy, in love, overwhelmed, fortunate, every emotion you can think of…I have now. you might think its crazy, cheesy, whatever…. think anything… but let me tell you how I feel…. I feel like its a pleasure being with someone like Pete! If any of my friends could have someone like him, I think I’d be extremely happy for them.

Today its our 1 year anniversary. and he asked Philippe for a favor! OMG, look at the food!!!!! (yes…. just for today we are having wine! its an exception therefore its acceptable!)

Let me tell you something, I could have imagined a new sweater, theatre tickets, bike ride around central park and dinner for two in an amazing restaurant, but I would have never imagined Philippe. It was an experience… I’m very Lucky :) 

This is what Philippe cooked for us tonight

Pesto Shrimps,

Rosemary potatoes, veal, green beans


those crepes!